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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tournament Recap

We had an excellent turnout at the tournament! ALL of our participants got a medal in at least one of their events, some in two or three or ALL of their events! As a school, we came in 7th place overall! That is awesome! I am in the process of collecting all the information on how everyone did, so if you can help me fill in the missing information, please let me know.

JENNIFER RUESCH 1st-sparring, 2nd- weapons, 3rd- self defense, 3rd- forms
REONA MANNING 2nd- sparring, 2nd-weapons, 2nd-self-defense, 3rd- forms
ANNELISE ROGERS 2nd- sparring, 2nd self defense
BRAYDEN WILSON 3rd-sparring, 3rd-self defense
CONNIE JELLISON 1st- sparring, 2nd- weapons, 3rd- forms
DAISY OWENS 1st-sparring, 1st-self defense, 1st-forms,
ERICK GOMEZ 1st- weapons, 2nd - self defense, 3rd- sparring, 3rd- forms
JACOB RILEY 2nd-sparring, 2nd-forms
BEAU BELL 1st- sparring, 2nd- self-defense, 3rd-form
CHEYENNE GARCIA 1st- forms, 1st-weapons, 2nd- sparring
SHAUNA GARCIA 1st- sparring, 2nd- forms, 2nd-weapons
BRYCE STATLER 3rd- weapons
ISAAC JONES 1st-forms, 1st-self-defense
LEO LAYKAM 1st-forms, 1st-sparring
TYLER YOUNG 1st-self-defense
ZAC GOODMAN 1st- self-defense, 2nd-forms
JUSTIN MYERS 1st-weapons, 2nd-sparring
ZOE BROWN 1st- self-defense

We also have 3 new black belts! Jennifer, Annelise, and Reona all promoted on Saturday afternoon! Congratulations!

We want to thank and congratulate everyone who participated. If you didn't get the chance to go to this tournament, plan on attending the next one in the fall. Tournaments are a great opportunity to meet new people, gain valuable competition experience, and to get to know your own team mates better.

Also, I would like to put a slide show together with pictures from the tournament and Black Belt test. If you have any pictures, please email them to me at anneliseee78@gmail.com. I would like to have pictures of EVERYONE if I can get them.

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