Welcome to our new Bobby Lawrence Karate blog. It's been a long time in coming, but we are glad to have a place to share with our students, their families, and guests what we do here at Bobby Lawrence Karate.
It has been nearly two years now since our dream of owning our own karate studio began. There have been so many amazing moments and we love and cherish every one of them. We also are so grateful for the students and families that are a part of our studio. We would be nowhere without you and feel so blessed to be a part of your lives. We are honored to know you and are continually impressed by the caliber of people we get to work with on a daily basis. You are all wonderful and we love you!
We hope you will join us here often to see new pictures, see what's new, and join in the fun. Here's to another wonderful year!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're moving!

As you may be aware, we are planning on moving. Don't worry, it is just to the space next door. We have been hoping for this for a long time and with all the new students we have enrolled in the past few months we REALLY need the extra space, especially during the junior white to orange classes. We are so thrilled that our classes are growing and that so many families are joining too. We are so excited to get into the new place and get even more excited each day as we see the progress. We are hoping to be moved in by the beginning of March. We also plan to have a big grand opening celebration as soon as Master Lawrence can make it down for the 30 in 90 seminar that we earned. We will keep you posted on the progress and upcoming plans.

Go Blue! Leadership Blitz-Winter 2010

Ghandi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Leadership training is one of the strengths of Bobby Lawrence Karate. We are committed to helping our students become successful in all areas of their life. We want our students to be able to take the skills they develop in class and be able to use them to effect positive change in the world. We want to congratulate and welcome our newest "blues" to our growing leadership team and we are looking forward to seeing all of our students become leaders.


Doug, Ellie, Abby, and Spencer Solstad
Joshua Jensen
Teo Huitzil
Justin Myers
Connie Jellison